Sunday, January 16, 2011

The New Astrology, My Marital Compatibility and Some Romantic Advice

It's official. No, not the new zodiac calendar with thirteen signs - at least not to my knowledge (who would officially define such a thing?) What's official is: according to THE STARS my wife and I had incompatible signs thousands of years ago and we have incompatible signs today.

According to, Parke Kunkle, an astronomer at the Minnesota Planetarium Society, claimed that, in the thousands of years since zodiac signs were first configured, a “wobble” in the Earth’s rotation shifted our view of the stars, making the dates of the current astrological signs inaccurate. Depending on your birth date, your true zodiac sign may be the preceding one.  For example, I was a Capricorn and now I'm Sagittarius.

Kunkle says the star’s realignment also created a 13th sign called Ophiuchus: my Dad's new sign.

Astrology has a scientific retort: Adam Gainsburg states Western Civilization has known about the Earth’s wobble since 200 A.D and this does not change the current zodiac calendar. The Earth rotates on its axis like a spinning bottle cap, and right before it stops rotating, it shakes and rattles in what is called a perturb. That reaction causes a backwards shift in the Earth’s view of the stars. “This happens every 2,000 years, creating the appearance that the signs change by one,” he says.

And the Ophiuchus, Gainsburg says is not a zodiac sign, just a collection of stars. He said most astronomers have “no concept of astrology.” Go to to read the full article.

Carole Devine, another astrologer has a somewhat less scientific retort: The new astrological calendar would not even give an accurate reflection of personalities. “If you have been studying the signs like I have for 40 years, " she said, "you will see the character traits (associated with the signs) won’t line-up.”

I disagree. Of course I'm no expert but... a simple internet search shows that Capricorn (old me) and Aries (old wife) are inharmonious signs. Sagittarius (new me) and Pisces (new wife) are also inharmonious. I don't know what most people use astronomy for, but I'll bet romance is big. My wife Judi was surprised. She always thought the goat and the ram were harmonious. Now we've both lost our horns, what's a couple to do?

I think we'll go outside and gaze at the stars. They're beautiful and very romantic. If you're going to use the stars for romance, and you can get to a rural setting, I suggest you do the same.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kindle: I ACTUALLY Paid More For These Sunglasses!

I just saw this commercial yesterday. Prosperity is great... apparently even when it's rubbed in your face. What is it about the recession that corporations just don't get?  Is it bothersome: the idea that consumers may need necessities and therefore not have the money to buy their nifty new gadget?Is the Kindle a must have? In this digital age, I think an eReader is worth the money if one can afford it.  Not worth it: $139 plus for shades. Consumerism is an ugly beast. That being said.....